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Digital Products

Thanks to our agreements on ARMS we have developed a series of “Reefer Automation Equipment” that allow all container ports to benefit from the automation of the reefer sector whatever the fleet at its disposal

Thanks to our partner Saiber Innovation Technologies we are able to offer our customers some innovative digital products such as the “Digital Twin” and the “Business Intelligence for port and Terminals”,

These products will boost digitization, standardization and security and maximize the value of the port infrastructures that will adopt them.


The Digital Twin concept represents the convergence of the physical and the virtual world where every operation or asset gets a dynamic digital representation.

The twin provides the following capabilities: 3D visualization of assets and operations, time-stamped data about their status and direct environment, data collection and analytics, AI for operation optimization, the simulation of processes, services and asset locations, the the reduction of human errors and improvement in productivity, a Smart enterprise platform for real-time onsite or remote management and the end-to-end integration with existing management systems.



MOORiNET is an advanced Berthing Aid System that is based on laserslidars, machine vision, and AI. The MOORiNET reduces the number of incidents with vessels in seaports.

It is one of the most effective safety systems in the world, possessing the following capabilities: increases the safety level of mooring and reduces the risk of uncontrolled emergency situations, integrates with systems of hooks releasing and mooring lines tension, provides real-time closure rate control and positioning of the vessel against a berth, controls weather conditions, provides real-time updates on different mooring stages, provides real-time monitoring and control for lateral and longitudinal vessel drift at a berth, predicts emergency situations on berth facilities, provides logs, keeps and visualizes all historical data for any last mooring operations or monitoring vessel at a berth, and provides real-time monitoring of berthing facilities that could be destructed by external impacts (uncontrolled vessel movement, cargo falling, waves, weather conditions, etc.).



PORT ANALYTIX is a tool that provides the facility for comparison of multi-dimensional values such as, visibility across terminals via monthly analysis, yearly analysis, between activities, customers, services, expenses, revenue. The system provides a greater visibility and insight of organizations' view in order to make better decisions based on historical data.

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