ARMS System for automated power and data reefer connection,

a revolution in Shipping Growth

It is an undisputed fact that shipping logistics are undergoing profound evolution. The attention of port operators and shipping companies is markedly focused on maximizing the automation and digitization of operations linked to the transport and handling of containers. Much has already been done, leading technological companies have produced automation solutions that have improved the operability and safety of operators. However, there are still large areas that need to be improved.

The ARMS team, based on its decades of experience in the management of operations in container terminals and on board of ships, has identified in the management of operational area of the storage of refrigerated containers which is in the last 50 years still managed with the contribution direct and manual of port personnel and ship crews, an environment in need of major transformation.

A very significant example can be found on the walkways of the reefer towers, where the acoustic bombardment generated by the reefer compressors in operation exceeds the threshold of human tolerability and where the same electricians, who have to spend there a lot of time, have to handle high risk electrical connections that carry 380 V / 32 Ampere electrical current.

Another fact, no less, is that those in charge must reach the reefer towers by crossing storage areas where are working heavy handling vehicles such as cranes, forklifts and port rails, with the risks associated with these, incurring historically, even fatal accidents. All these operations are managed in open environments and subject to all kinds of adverse weather conditions.

These facts, in addition to the obvious need to make operations more efficient, led us to focus on the reefer area in the terminal and on board the ship as the primary object of our automation and digitalization studies. In the last two years, thanks to the support of our industrial partners SCAME SPA, Nuova ICOM, TAU Logic and Kronotech, we have been able to design and build suitable automation systems.

Thanks to our patent, the ARMS plug ®, in the terminal or on board the ship, it is finally possible to automate the connection of refrigerated containers, remotely manage electrical and data connections with precision and rapidity, continuously checking the status of the reefer and detect its punctual electric consumption.

Our mechatronic arms "ARMS 1-2-1® and 1-2-n®", currently in the industrialization phase, allows the operating system of the terminal or ship, with which it interfaces perfectly, to remotely manage all the operations of connection and disconnection of electrical power and data lines on refrigerated containers. Its Operating System also maintains a complete monitoring of the operating parameters and the state of the reefer using the integrated ReeferRunner system produced by our partner IDENTEC.

Last but not least, the SMART-rfRACK™, a reefer tower produced by our partner Nuova ICOM and based on the CONNEXTAINER® patent, completes the set of products dedicated to the management of refrigerated containers. The modules of this reefer tower are built entirely in the factory of our partner in Cagliari, shipped by normal means of container transport in the port terminal and assembled using the handling equipments of the terminal itself. The operations of assembly and preparation of these reefer towers procedure of work times enormously less than those necessary for the construction of traditional reefer towers. The SMART-rfRACK ™ modules are integrated and perfectly prepared for the installation of the ARMS Automation systems.